about Paul Myers – Kauai Documentary Wedding Photographer

Greetings, I am Paul Myers, a Kauai wedding photographer.

My style is Engaging photography.
My photographs show people engaged in their lives.

No playing to the camera, no setting things up to make sure it all comes out as planned.  Improvisation and joy are the keys to creating gorgeous images with you.

I am a documentary wedding and portrait photographer. My photographs are aesthetically founded in a photojournalist’s eye for candid moments and an artist’s appreciation for beauty to create compelling portraits.  I am fascinated by rituals, during life transitions and in everyday life. My studies in Cultural Anthropology (BA) and Religious Studies (MA)  allowed me to learn what we hold sacred.

My approach is to show the unique qualities of each individual and couple through the photographs.   How people love one another? How does this look photographed?

And this is achieved through building trust with you.  Shared intimacy is a product of trust.

There are no typical brides or typical grooms. Each couple is unique, every person making their own statement.  And there are no typical families.  Every portrait is created through a unique set of relationships.

No matter how many portraits you have taken or how many weddings you have attended.  This is your first time in this set of circumstances and is my starting point with each photography session.

This is the amazing part of my vocation.

I love photography. I love creating photos, looking at photos, talking about photos, and teaching photography.  I taught photography at Brooks Institute of Photography for 10 years, worked at newspapers and a bilingual magazine. My passion is in pictures.

Thanks for stopping by and looking at the photos. I hope we have the chance to meet.

If you have any questions feel feel to contact me.

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