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Greetings, I am Paul Myers, a Kauai wedding photographer. I specialize in documentary weddings, compelling portraiture and life event photography.

The photo above is telling about my approach to documentary photography. It is at Sheri and JD’s wedding in Poipu, Kauai taken by Sheri’s daughter with my camera. It tells the story of my role as a photographer. I am one of the guests at your wedding or on your trip to Kauai enjoying the day and documenting everyone else celebrating the day. I treat this role with reverence because I accompany you and your family from a privileged perspective. I am grateful for this access built on trust.

Originally from San Jose, CA. My photographs celebrate the milestones of life through documentary images, whether with moment-rich lifestyle images or compelling portraiture.

I hold an MA in Religious Studies from UC Santa Barbara and a BA in Cultural Anthropology from UC Santa Cruz. I am fascinated with the way we celebrate the sacred in our daily lives as well as in ceremonies. Weddings, baptisms, coming of age ceremonies, anniversaries. What interests me is photographing intimate moments in the face of life transitions.  That intimate intersection of time. light and emotion is ripe with meaning that we can look back at over time.

Before moving to Kauai with my wife Janice, I  taught visual storytelling on Faculty in Visual Journalism at Brooks Institute of Photography and worked as a Creative Contributor for Story4.org.  My courses included classes on truthful visual storytelling with multimedia.  One of the most exciting parts of the job was working with the students as the executive producer(2008-2011)for the yearly Brooks Institute International Documentary Project that travels to a foreign country.  Our legacy products were all student generated and included a documentary film, dvd, book, website and print gallery exhibits.

My short-form multimedia productions have appeared on the web sites of USA Today (USAtoday.com) and the San Jose Mercury News (mercurynewsphoto.com). I am also on the Advisory Board at Pierce College for the Media Art’s Program.

Prior to working at Brooks, I photographed for a variety of publications including newspapers in Freeport, Il and Marysville, CA.  During this time I continually photographed for El Andar, a bilingual magazine that covered cultural events and news issues concerning the Latino Community in the United States and Latin America.

Thanks for stopping by and looking at the photos. I hope we have the chance to meet.

If you have any questions feel feel to contact me.

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