Suzanne Tylander wins Gold for Sports Feature in CPOY

Suzanne Tylander, a student in Visual Journalism at Brooks Institute, placed with a Gold in Sports Feature for the CollegePhotographer of the Year competition.

Having seen Suzanne’s photos over the past couple of years, the best part of looking at her work is the clarity of her vision.
She cleans up the world through her compositions and lets the emotion of her subjects ring loud and clear.  Wonderful insights into life through her photography.

Additionally, she is currently working on the South Africa Documentary Project Team. She is one of the team of students who traveled to South Africa this fall for six weeks to create social documentaries with her photographs.

Please support the efforts of these students making their dreams come alive today.




Benjamin Brian Morris: Student Photojournalist wins CPOY Sports Action/ Portfolio Awards

Ben Morris, a student at Brooks Institute in the Visual Journalism program took home the Gold in Sports Action  and Honorable Mention for Sports Portfolio in the College Photographer of the Year (CPOY) competition this year.  In addition to his sports, Ben was also a Multimedia Intern on the National Science Desk at NPR in Washington D.C. where he worked on the Summer 2012 Intern Edition. What a great way to kick start his career.

I love his sense of timing and the color composition he brings to his work.

And this is from his Sports Portfolio entry…

More of his work, including his multimedia is on his website,

Erika P Rodriguez wins Silver in CPOY Portrait catagory

Aspiring visual artists like Erika are few and far between.

Congratulations Erika on taking home the Silver in the Portrait Category of College Photographer of the Year!

A student with a strong sense of compassion and composition in the Visual Journalism Program at Brooks Institute, Erika P. Rodriguez made this portrait while on an internship in her homeland, Puerto Rico.

It is great to see young photographers taking up the banner for documentary photography, telling stories about communities in times of  trial and sharing them with the rest of the world.

Last year she also placed with this portrait in a series titled “faces from the rubble” from Haiti she made while helping with earthquake relief efforts.

To see more of her work, check out her website