Gabe Cano / Color Services

We don’t create alone, as much as our egos might want us to believe, at some level, at some point, we rely on the expertise of others to help us communicate the message we hold so dear. For photographers a great printer can be that catalyst for success.

Gabe Cano loves making photographers look good by delivering great prints.

Over the years he and Color Services have created many beautiful prints and books for me and my family.

At Brooks Institute I taught the International Documentary Project and Color Services donated all the printing for two photo exhibits of the Vietnam Documentary Project in Ventura, gorgeous 30×40 inch prints. Now they are working with the South Africa Documentary Project lead by Anacleto Rapping of LA Times renown. The experience of working with a professional printer allows the students to grasp the realities of the expectations that exist for their final goals as well as to see just how much one receives through giving through Color Services’ example.

Gabe is one of the owners of Color Services, a photo lab in Santa Barbara, CA.
He and his business partner Glenn Hodges are two of the best photo printers and nicest guys to know.

A couple of years ago they teamed up with Hipstamatic to fulfill the print orders through this amazing iphone camera replacement app, delivering beautiful prints. Last year we hosted two free workshops for people wanting to learn how to make better photographs with their iphones. This was a really gratifying experience as we had a print exhibit up on the wall from photos shot and edited that morning at the end of each 3 hour workshop!

One of the lessons I have learned from Gabe is that when you meet great people, let them know just how important they are to you and make sure to keep creating with them where ever possible.

And if you are a photographer who uses PhotoShelter, Color services is on the list of printers you can choose from for the self-fulfilled photo products.

Oh, and did I mention he loves film.