Revisted: Should I work for free?

When receiving a response to a price quote from a client, so many times I have heard, “this will be a great portfolio opportunity for you,” followed by a story as to why I should work for less than the requested rate.


I always have to stop and remember that the portfolio I have works because the client requested the bid for their job.

Thankfully, there exists this brilliant flowchart, Should I Work for Free?, that created by Jessica Hische.

It is so important to check in and remind ourselves of our motives.

We work to thrive.

And, lets face it, we work out of a place of passion for our craft, love for our subjects, and hopes for changing the world.

Thankfully our idealism has nothing to do with our ability to make ends meet. By requesting a wage that covers the costs of business as well as a fair creative fee, our self-respect adds value to our work.